2022  Hammerman Triathlon and Duathlon

July 9, 2022

An off-road sprint distance triathlon and duathlon held in Kincaid Park.

Bike Course Previews – All Start at Little Campbell Lake

Thursday, June 9 – 6:00pm

Thursday, June 23 – 6:00pm

Saturday, June 25 – Time TBD

Monday, June 27 – 6:00pm

The same rules apply for all our race course previews:

A quality, fully functional mountain bike is required. Please be sure your bike is trail worthy before the ride. It’s a bummer when the group has to wait in clouds of mosquitoes for us to try and do trail maintenance.

Mt. bikes ONLY for the Hammerman. NO road, hybrid, comfort, cross or anything with drop bars allowed.

No helmet, NO ride! Bring it and wear it!

We gear each ride to the slowest riders and stop frequently to talk about sections of the course and regroup… the Hammerman rides typically take around 2.5 hours!

So, be patient, bring plenty of fuel/fluid to make it through, and right now you might consider bathing in bug dope before we ride! A bear bell on your ride is also a great idea, both to warn wildlife and other trail users of our approach.

We will show you all the bike course, and show you where the run course goes in and out, but we won’t cover the run course in full. You might also consider coming out early and swim a bit before you ride. Or, better yet, take a dip when we are done… the water will feel great after a long ride!

If you are familiar with the course and are looking to ride fast, this is NOT for you… watch for some of our personal “fast rides” if you want to hammer!

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The Hammerman Triathlon and Duathlon are off-road events held at Little Campbell Lake in Anchorage, Alaska. The triathlon course consists of a 0.5-mile open water swim, a 13-mile mountain bike, and 4-mile run. The duathlon substitutes the swim with a short 1.8k run around the lake and then races on the same bike and final run legs as the triathlon. See the course tab for detailed course descriptions and maps.

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Hammerman Triathlon and Duathlon Course Map

Swim – The swim will be an in-water start on the north end of the lake. Swimmers will do one lap, staying to the right on the way down and then staying to the right again on the way back. The lake allows for approximately 400 meters each length, for a total of 800 meters.

Duathlon Run #1 – This run is not shown on the map above, but consists of a short loop clockwise around the lake, following a mix of doubletrack and singletrack trails.  

Bike – All racers do the same bike course shown in blue on the map above. The course is a mix of doubletrack ski trail and singletrack bike trail. Expect some of everything, from smooth hardpack trail to roots, logs, bumps and jumps. We mixed in a bit of everything the park has to offer. (NOTE: Please be aware of the direction of travel when pre-riding the course. The portion along Bolling Alley can only be ridden the direction of the race on odd-numbered days.)

        Strava Route –  Hammerman Bike Course – Odd Days

Run – Duathletes will do the same run as the triathlon. The run is a lollipop that starts out following the bike course, but then turning onto singletrack just before you would get to the bridge over Raspberry. Follow the red line on the map above until you loop back to the trail you took out. From here, backtrack exactly the same way you came out to finish at the lake.  

    Strava Route –  3.5 mi Road Running Route on Strava

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something you are dying to know about the race? If so, check the FAQ list below. If you don’t see your question answered here, drop us a note and we will try to answer it.

  • What kind of bike should I use? – Mountain Bikes or Fat Bikes are allowed for this event. No cruisers, hybrids, cross, gravel, road, or e-bikes allowed. If you have questions about a specific bike, please e-mail me at the address below and we can look at it closer.
  • Do I need a wetsuit for the swim? – Water temperatures range from the low 60’s to about 70 degrees depending on the weather leading up to the event. Wetsuits are highly recommended, but not required. We always have a few racers who swim without, but the vast majority use a wetsuit.

We will populate this soon, but in the meantime, if you have any specific questions, feel free to send me an e-mail at jasonlamoreaux@hotmail.com and I will see if I can answer them.